My agenda = Love to Love

This is a showcase of what I just love to love in my daily life in Athens, Greece & other things I enjoy in the Mediterranean.

My life has been a constant journey of exploration and discovery. Starting in the Peloponnese region of Greece in a village named – Karyes, and crossing the Atlantic to New York and back again, with major stops in the cities of Thessaloniki & Athens.

In New York, I developed Floris Special Events , an event design, planning and production company, which my daughter and I have nurtured for more than 20 years. It was in New York City where we began a journey that would take us on a world wind adventure, through which we traveled and continue to travel the world!

This journey has lead us to create – Love Floris, where we bring our passion and expertise to the world of customized travel, sharing our love of Greece with travelers who are looking for special experiences.

In L.Floris agenda I share my deep love, dedication and passion for my homeland with all the people that wish to explore Greece and the Mediterranean through my eyes.

I hope you will enjoy reading its pages, and visit us soon!