Venice; Just uttering the word takes you to a world of romance, love, being with the one you love…., what an inspiration when planning a wedding at one of the most romantic places in the world.

It was a July afternoon when the phone rang. A young talented LA actress, Mary, who currently lives in Athens announcing that she was getting married to the love of her life, Dimitris. She already chose the date: September 6th, and we suggested the place: Venice of course.

The exciting plans began with a brainstorm of ideas. The church: none other than the 16th century Greek Orthodox Cathedral of St. Giorgio dei Greci; the oldest and historically the most important church of the Orthodox Diaspora. The reception: at the Hotel Bauer Palazzo, a 19th century hotel with its known 18-century facade in Gothic-Byzantine style.

Indeed, that’s where it all took place, but that was not all. Let me share with you the exciting itinerary that made it even more unique:

Guests from different countries arrived for the special event. But prior to the arrival of the couple’s big day, we all needed to get to know each other better while enjoying visits to some important spots of the city, a Tour of the Grand Canal, a visit to the Peggy Guggenheim Museum, and a private tour to St. Marko Cathedral, only to mention a few.

The big day was special for the happy couple, but truly unforgettable for the rest of us.

The bride looked amazing in her Vera Wang dress, while the church was beautifully decorated with the artistic creations of local florist Munaretto. Surprises where not only there for the guests of course. A surprise was also planned for the bride herself; an old friend of hers flew in from New York for the wedding: that friend is also my beloved daughter Vivia.

The reception, was an international gathering of fashionably dressed and well behaved guests who enjoyed the celebration of the couple’s marriage. All under the roof of this Venetian ballroom with its Murano Sconces.

The formal dinner event was more than just simple food as you understand.

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