The girls decided, that location scouting for “Love Floris” at the Cycladic islands during Greek Easter season, was ideal and they were right!

The trip started with Santorini, a beautiful island with impressive folk traditions, as well as recipes to die for!!


Holy Week in Orthodox Christianity is the week immediately before Easter. It is the last week of the 40 day Lent that leads to Easter Sunday, the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Here are some highlights of our great trip and some of our traditions:

Eggs are dyed red in a big pot and then shined with olive oil, on Good Thursday, symbolizing the blood of Christ.

On Holy Saturday after the celebration of the resurrection at midnight, people “use” the red eggs by trying to smash the “opponent’s” one, before peeling them off to eat them, the breaking of the egg symbolizes the breaking of Jesus’s tomb stone!

Easter sweet cookies /(kulurakia), another culinary tradition, are offered in every house, accompanying Greek coffee or sweetening breakfast time!

Spending “Good Friday” at Pirgos in Santorini was an unforgettable experience.

The mourning day of Jesus’s crucifixion, was commemorated with fires lit in metal baskets decorating the ledges of every house, offering a magnificent view in the evening.

The ‘Love Floris’ ladies pay their respect to the icon of the crucified Jesus, the smell of the Epitaph lilacs in the church was surrounding them.

Last but not least the experience of tasting a unique traditional pastry, “melitini”, in a cozy ( reminding the old times) local café at Kasteli, with the personal touch of Ms. Nafsika Lagada.


Ios was next, were we visited Vaso and her dynamic group of people.

They took us to all the beautiful sights, including Agalia (Hug) and Pathos (Passion), loving every moment of it!!


Our final location was Sifnos, were the weather was not that friendly but the people made up for it!

Marina Vernicos, a dear friend, of whom we have seen great work through her photographic lenses, graciously welcomed us in her home for a wonderful dinner.

That night was full of surprises with the epitome Takis Zacharatos, an old friend that I hadn’t seen for a very long time!!

We enjoyed every moment of our time there, what a beautiful island with my favorite spot being, a small church called Panagia Poulati.

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