Eat like a local!

Have you heard of reductive and inductive methods and the ancient Greeks? I will let you guess the reasoning behind this:

I love “Love Floris”, I love food, “Love Floris” loves food, “Love Floris” loves preparing for Summer 2015, I love preparing for Summer 2015 and we have the best delicacies for you!

“Love Floris” is now ready to take you to a delicious treasure hunt of tempting tastes, secret scents, and arousing aromas. I just finished a fantastic food walk in the center of Athens. I started in the “Agora”, meaning ‘Market” and make my way through town. Every step of the way, and at every stop, I tasted real gems! Even if I had just stayed at the “Agora” to find fresh olives, cheeses, and ethnic charcuterie, I would have been content.


mouthwatering “Halva”

One of my favorite stops on the tour was at a small café under an ancient arcade where we sat and enjoyed mouthwatering “Halva”. “Halva” or little bites of heaven, as I call it, is a delicious dessert with a long history, and its preparation varies from country to country. When visiting Greece, you must try the Greek version; prepared with semolina, almonds and cinnamon.

We couldn’t resist trying more treats such as tangerine scented marzipan from the island of Hydra, gluten-free skalitsounia from the island of Crete and delicious hand made butter caramels…

Later on we had a heartwarming and mouthwatering meeting with our friend Andreas and his family in their intimate surroundings. We tried the best Greek street food with influences from, Syria, Turkey, Armenia and Lebanon (all cuisines we adore)


Greek coffee in “hovoli”!

After, we could eat no more, it was time to enjoy a Greek coffee made on Hovoli, a heated sand boiling device, that mimics hot ashes, it is the traditional way to heat Greek coffee. And since the Greek coffee had intrigued our senses we headed to a “Kafekoption” the original coffee shop, where you can find information on the history of coffee, the kind of beans that exist, information on roasting & grinding coffee and coffee preparation and one can choose the perfect blend for your taste!  As we know, blending different varieties of coffee in order to deliver the desired flavor or aroma, is an art.

It is fascinating what is going on with the traditional food market in the center of Athens and we would be absolutely happy to share our passion with our guests, everyone who is interested in discovering Athens our way!