El Convento del Arte”, the monastery of arts initiates faithful and faithless into the mysteries of arts!

A beautiful old building that used to be an iron-workshop 100years ago, shrived as an Argentinian restaurant and “tangueria” for few years before it was transformed to medieval monastery devoted to art! Its shows are hosting several performers, musicians, acrobats, dancers, actors, singers, magicians and mentalists and of course “Aficionados al Tango” of all levels!

Despite its Spanish name they pick carefully their wine list from special Greek wineries and vineyards and why shouldn’t they since Greece, the renowned birthplace of Dionysos, the god of wine, has the longest heritage in wine production for more than 4,000 years.

With the touch of the award winning scenographer G. Asimakopoulos you are welcomed to a great ambience. Candlesticks, chandeliers, burgundy velvet curtains, hagiographies and stained glass windows are enriching the experience.

My recommendation: it’s an ideal place to host parties and special events or even fall in love, propose and charm your guests!