Dimitris Bogdanos a friend, director, actor and the Founder & Creative Director of The Flat explains how this unique experience came to be.

The Flat has its own unique story. During the 60’s, a family from Madagascar moves to Greece and buys a small apartment in a special Athenian neighborhood. The years go by, its owners leave and abandon the flat and everything they leave behind. Some time around then, Dimitris shows up and renovates it. It is no wonder that it was Dimtris that found this space and made it into a treasure chest because he is a treasure himself.

The procedure wasn’t easy. A lot of time, care and love was needed, but the result speaks for its self. Among the rubble true treasures were found. Relics from former inhabitants, numbered trunks, and furniture full of memories (and holes) were in abundance.


“At first we were not sure what to keep and what not to keep. The truth is that we imagined the flat to be more alternative industrial site. Ultimately, things came together. I adore spending time with Dimitris and hearing stories about his findings. One of my favorites is his anecdote about finding Christmas tree lights in a box of champagne.

Apart from what was found in the space, other items came to fill in the blanks and create a unique environment where… (TATI HELP WHAT IS THIS PLACE )