Where nature is…beauty abounds.

“Valsamohorto” in Greek translates literally to “relieving plant/ physically and mentally” the plant that “caressing the soul”. It is also known to the world by its Latin name “Hypericum perforatum” or “St. John’s wort, and is regarded as a wildflower that has healing properties.

Since ancient times, it has been known to effectively treat skin problems, heal wounds and finally strengthen the immune system. It was extensively used by the ancient Spartans to treat their battle wounds. Additionally, in Greece it is commonly used for banishing evil spirits according to religious traditions. In the Middle Ages it was also known to possess magical properties. My favorite of all of these remedies, is one made from the wildflowers found in the Taygetus mountains where I am from. My mother has perfected the cure called “Balsamolado” which literally translates to Healing Oil. It is a combination of St. John’s wort and extra virgin olive oil that gives you a red colored oil which cures all.