The Hammam Of Athens

Three years ago, “Hammam Baths” opened their doors in Athens, on Asomaton Street in the Thisio area of Athens – near Monastiraki square. Situated in a neighborhood of unique historic significance near the archaeological site of Kerameikos, the ancient agora and the Synagogue of Athens this hidden gem is one not to be missed by locals and visitors in Athens.

When entering this beautiful neoclassical building one comes across a space with a modern twist, but that wholly honors and respects its original roots. Anyone passing through those doors, will travel back in time. The building’s marble wash basins, marble beds and its imposing domed ceilings are the work of Turkish architect Ayøegül Özer, while the modernday pestemal towels, the takunya clogs, the loofa sponges, the kessa gloves and the soaps come directly from Turkey, Jordan, and Syria.

Last Saturday I visited this beautiful space for its signature treatment called “Ali-Mama Hammam”.

The ritual started with a 30 minute hammam session on a heated marble stone slab that included a rejuvenating steam bath and a deep exfoliating scrub. A full-body massage with natural olive-oil soap followed and ended with a kafa, a hair wash and energizing head massage.  The duration of the treatment was 90 minutes. There are a lot of additional services that can be included according to your individual needs and wants; for example the special anti-cellulite therapy (Selülite Karsi) and traditional thread hair removal. At the end, of the 90 minute treatment, you are invited into the Hammam relaxation room where you are greeted with an assortment of teas and traditional “loukoumi” Turkish delight. What a perfect end to a perfect experience.

I recommend that you treat yourself to this little slice of heaven after a long days work or on a day off. The Hammam operates daily until 10pm.


  • Try and visit the Hammam in the late hours so as to make sure that you will enjoy the serenity of the space without distractions!
  • Avoid special holidays, such as Valentine’s Day – that was a big mistake on my part last Saturday!
  • Take your own Havajanas as the wooden clogs that you will be given at the Hammam may be difficult for some to walk in – they were definitely impossible for me!

Most important tip for life; Start treating yourself like the Greek Goddess Aphrodite. Pamper yourself,

I am sure you deserve it!



From Nature with Love…

Where nature is…beauty abounds.

“Valsamohorto” in Greek translates literally to “relieving plant/ physically and mentally” the plant that “caressing the soul”. It is also known to the world by its Latin name “Hypericum perforatum” or “St. John’s wort, and is regarded as a wildflower that has healing properties.

Since ancient times, it has been known to effectively treat skin problems, heal wounds and finally strengthen the immune system. It was extensively used by the ancient Spartans to treat their battle wounds. Additionally, in Greece it is commonly used for banishing evil spirits according to religious traditions. In the Middle Ages it was also known to possess magical properties. My favorite of all of these remedies, is one made from the wildflowers found in the Taygetus mountains where I am from. My mother has perfected the cure called “Balsamolado” which literally translates to Healing Oil. It is a combination of St. John’s wort and extra virgin olive oil that gives you a red colored oil which cures all.





The Romans said it first and the Greeks did it best! My secret after 60 for feeling young and energized is Yoga. I have always been a firm believer that a healthy body breeds a healthy mind, but must confess that the later years of my 50s did not prove to be the most energetic. I strayed from my physical routine and found that both my energy and spirits were not the same.

Lyengar Yoga has become my new passion and the best way to maintain both my mind and my body. I feel taller and healthier and am totally committed to my practice. Vula Bolou, my instructor welcomed me to her studio and invited me to discover new energetic paths that will extend my limits physically and mentally. Are you up for the challenge of maintaining a healthy body and mind?